About Us

Edward Wilson Financial LTDĀ Aberdeen


We are located in Portlethen, Aberdeenshire, and primarily advise clients in and around Aberdeen. We can also advise clients anywhere in the U.K.



We have been advising clients since 1994, and have a wealth of experience for which there is no substitute. A rigorous programme of ongoing professional development is maintained to ensure that knowledge and skills remain relevant and up to date.


Advice & Service

When important decisions have to be made, nothing beats good quality financial advice, and dedicated personal service. We represent your best interests by providing investment, pension, annuity, and mortgageĀ advice from the whole of the market. We bring information to you, carefully explain all your options, and make life easier for you when you need to make decisions about your future. We like to treat customers well, and our testimonials page will give you an idea of what our existing clients think about our service.


Scope & Type of Advice

We recommend a full financial review to ensure that we get to know your circumstances well enough to provide the best advice possible. Sometimes, looking at one aspect of your finances in isolation may not truly reflect the bigger picture. However if you are looking for information or advice on a specific topic, please click on the topic you are most interested in.


Our Aim

We aim to help you protect what is valuable to you, and create a plan for building wealth over time. Creating wealth is seldom done by accident. By identifying your goals and priorities, we can help you to make real progress towards them. Financial independence would be the ultimate result. No need to work into your seventies, if that can be achieved.